Monday, September 27, 2010

Apa itu spam pada email

To be more clear about the terms of spam, I will explain in the real world if you have a house in the edge rows of roads and has a broad wall .... , Well you are often irritated and angry when your wall mounted multiple browser ads and even graffiti - graffiti that makes your wall is not pleasant to see and be mengeluarka cost and time to clean it.

Similarly, SPAM, SPAM or commonly known as junk mail, is unsolicited email by users computer facilities in the form of electronic mail (email), instant messaging, Usenet, newsgroups, blogs, etc.. SPAM is not desired by computer users as SPAM usually contain advertisements from companies that cause inconvenience for users of the web. Usually, SPAM will be considered if the number of emails or disturb others were sent in significant amounts / large.

Adverse effect of the SPAM:

1. Wastage of time, to remove the news we do not want

2. Hard disk becomes full, full hard drive resulted in a mail server can not accept

Another email.

3. Spent Toll Phone / Bandwidth, with which we do not email terkirimnya

want in large quantities, will spend the bandwidth (that use dial-up to the ISP) and interfere with other more important services

4. Viruses and Trojans, The possibility of a virus or Trojan which infiltrated in the SPAM

How It Works How SPAM?

The Spreader SPAM usually also use the mail servers of others, also e-mail address instead show the identity of the owner in terms of e-mail address is there but it's true that the sender not have. Send e-mail using the e-mail address as above, it is very possible because the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) used in the exchange of e-mail address never verify the e-mail address with its IP address. That is, people are free to send e-mail from anywhere (from any IP address) by using e-mail address to anyone.

Sumber apa itu spam pada e-mail yahoo dan gmail

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