Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nofollow understanding and DoFollow

Understanding Nofollow
From wikipedia nofollow defined:

nofollow is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target ranking in search engine index. This is intended to reduce the effectiveness of several types of search engine spam, thereby increasing the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from happening.

Simply put, when you use the nofollow link means when the search engine and page access through the link, he will not further explore these links. Because not traced any further, then the link does not affect the number of backlinks and also did not affect the rating.

Understanding DoFollow

You do not find DoFollow on wikipedia? Should you need to know, because actually there is no tag DoFollow. This is just a term to distinguish the nofollow link. When you let your DoFollow link, then when the search engine reads your page and find the link, it will further explore these links so that search engines generate a report, in this case relates to the number of backlinks and rating considerations.

Writing Nofollow

When you add links on your posts, then the link is automatically printed as DoFollow links. To change this, please write as follows:
<a href='tujuanlink' rel='nofollow'>nama link</a>

Not Found Writing For Rel = DoFollow

As I wrote above, actually there is no rail DoFollow. That's just the term to distinguish it with nofollow links. Therefore there is no writing for DoFollow links. Links have been written without the nofollow rel means that DoFollow

<a href='tujuanlink'>nama link</a>

Penambahan rel=dofollow pada link, misal seperti berikut ini adalah percuma.

<a href='tujuanlink' rel='dofollow'>nama link</a>

So, for example when you try to spam blog comments forced on others by adding DoFollow, then it is futile. Read the full article on Blog berjudulTeknik Squire in vain Spam.

Why this Blog Nofollow?
Blog with a lot of articles would be more difficult to manage every post even each comment. A blog comment section is not set nofollow, will be very dangerous, because it could have planted a lot of comment in the box broken link or linking forbidden. Not to mention the kings of spam that insert a lot of the same link on a page. This could exacerbate the SEO, or the worst possibility is to kick Google's Blog ...
A little info about DoFollow and nofollow ... Hopefully helpful, we discuss more in later ... For more info or article has more about this, could leave through the comments on this article ...

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