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Understanding Page View or Page View

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Understanding Page View
From wikipedia concluded, page views were:
"A request to load a page from an Internet site"

With my sentence, pageview numbers are calculated based on results of the display one web page in its entirety. One new display is an extra digit to pageview. Different Pagevie hits. When you post on a page there are five pictures, then going to record six hits (five hits for the pictures and one for your html page itself) whereas only records pageview overall.

Comparison Page View
I found several articles on the blog, that the Page View is:
"The average value of our blog pages that are accessed by one person in one visit"

We should be able to distinguish between Page View and Comparative Value Page View. The definition above is more appropriate to the comparison of page views and not page views. Suppose there are calculations:
- 5 people visit a page = 5 pages
- 6 people visited 2 pages = 12 pages
- 7 people visited 3 pages = 21 pages

Who came to my blog there are 18 people and open the pages is 38 pages. From this condition we deduce the value of page views is a 38 page views while the ratio is 38/18 or 2.1.

Page View Issue
Some time ago we were discussing about the calculation turned out to visitors and there is a gap big weakness. Many major online companies who ultimately chose to use pageview numbers rather than visitors. For example, advertising companies will pay per page view, which means paying for each ad is displayed, not per visit which means that for each advertisement viewed by a single person is different. Commission for a single pageview cheaper than one visit. With pageview system of cooperation will be considered more fair. But even the same pageview with various other analytic sitilah can not say 100 percent accurate. In the world of our analytic approach rather than using numbers certainly ...

Calculating the Page View
To count page views your blog, you can use a simple way as with the hit counter (read: Setting up the Blog Hit Counts) or who have a better percentage approach with Google Analytics). With Google analytics you even get the data per page.

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