Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tips to find the idea of posting on your blog

This blog posts including nuts, though not the most crazy. It's a little burden on my brain when I had become accustomed to posting every day, then the internet died a day just so that I trouble posting. Miqdaad like a maniac who immediately took the key and drove to the nearest Internet Cafe. Yes! For the post of course. But more importantly, where do ideas come true so that someone could post every day?

Many Reading, Writing Many
Expand your reference. Perhaps you've been more at your blog and repeated reading your own articles. Try browsing and reading of various blogs to increase your knowledge. Many reading provide inspiration for you and eventually you will get a lot of writing.

Knowledge Based Blog Topics
If your blog has an appropriate topic of your knowledge that much easier. Although not close the possibility that you learn new things then post them. However, once again it will be easier. Blogs that have topics will be more focused and have a taste of every day in making a new posting. Except that only rely on blogs copasssssss mixture.

Every Question Is Raw Post
One of the most contribute to the idea of posting to me is the question of the readers of this blog. Today there are questions about the blog, I will soon learn and post in the near future. Of course you should be able to be open so that people do not hesitate to ask you.

Any Suggestion and Feedback Is Raw Post
Often the criticism arises or suggestions for our articles. Probably about our article that failed and had expired or discussion that is not clear. This is a source of ideas again. Fix these posts and also for other related posts better.

Plus + + + Plus and Plus
have said many times, making a serial for your posting will be so much easier because you know what you should post the next day. Let's say I have a few series in this blog: like the Tour that deals with SEO SEO, Webmaster Tools which discusses Google optimization, Yahoo optimization oh discussing Yahoo Yahoo, Blog Consulting is discussing one particular discussion and peeled out, Traffic This Morning to discuss how You understand the data for later acts seek to improve traffic and also Weekend Evaluate who came every Sunday morning to discuss the mistakes you for blogging.
  • Expand to read comments or write a comment. Every interaction developing brain. Instead of just reading an article in one direction, often commented to make your brain more alive. I really feel it and beanr inspire. You should try ...
  • Inviting People To write in your posts. If you are having trouble finding ideas, invite people to write on your blog. Some authors make your blog more rich ideas.
  • - Everything berbentur cost and time. Thus, the latter is that you should have enough time and money ... Perhaps at some free time you can apply to the scheduled posting several articles at once, but I always did not feel comfortable when it's not my own view the article in the first second after I publish. This discomfort can be so you should not imitate, if your time is really limited and rely on a scheduled post.
Finally ... This blog is re-discover the identity of the tips and tips. This blog started to crawl and is known for his tips on his blog tips. Later forget because only post and optimization tricks .... I will try to balance again with more often give tips as this will make you feel more energetic and happy and healthy and enjoy the dive into the blogosphere .... Hopefully useful ...

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