Friday, October 07, 2011

Auto Post on Blogger / Blogspot Mutually Beneficial

Lately a lot of emerging auto blog content. Some blatantly not include a backlink and some are still kind enough to provide a link to the original article, although most of nofollow.

One of the bloggers, Kaharuddin Eka Putra, Blogger Banua, early in the morning chatting to me and asked about the content of this auto-making. Let us create content auto / auto with just a simple post articles subscribe via email. In the step-step very easy and quick as below:

Step 1 - Activate Your post Via Email
  • To enable posting via email please read the article: Manage Your post Via Email).In the new interface ( please you go to Settings --- Mobile and Email
  • To have posts appear automatically, select the option of posting: Publish Immediate Email / Publish Email IMMEDIATELY

Step 2 - Subscribe Through Email
  • Find the blog you want to subscribe via email. Suppose my blog, please click the link: Subscribe Via Email.
  • In column Your Email Address Enter your bloggers a unique email address (you have enabled at step number 1)

  • Enter the antidote to spam, then click on Complete Subscription Request

Step 3 - Accept Subscriptions
  • If the subscription confirmation will usually appear in the inbox gmail or yahoo! mail, this will be different. You can check this link dipostingan your latest blog. Your article titled Confirmation To Subscribe. Click the confirmation link in your post from feedburner it.

Successful and there are a few tips at the end:
  • After officially subscribe please remove your article that contains a link to confirm earlier.
  • If you want each article you subscribe indirectly published, then at the option of posting the email and select Save Email as Entry Draft. The article you subscribe to will be a concept in your dashboard

Plus ...
  • If most of the auto content grateful not understand, this way is much more respectable because it provides a link back to the original article.
  • You can use this way to boost your own blog. Create blogs maid who subscribe to the article from your main blog. With the rapid increase backlinks and boost your pagerank. Occasionally the original post on the blog make your helper to avoid suspicion Google.

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